by Mike Kelley

One of the best things about drilling a water well in a rural village is eating lunch prepared by the people we are serving. When it came time for lunch, Luvi, a member of the Agua Viva El Salvador Staff, set up a hand-washing station for our team. This foot-operated contraption was brilliant.

Luvi washing hands
Mrs. Santos, a lady who lives in the village where we are drilling, hosted our team for lunch. She lives in a mud brick house and cooks over a raised hearth. She was kind enough to show me how to make tortillas.

Making Tortillas
Mrs. Santos’ tortillas were absolutely delicious. I could not help but compliment her and brag on her tortillas.

Mike and Tortillas
As for lunch — well, all I can say it that it was worth waiting for. Absolutely delicious. Our team could not have been happier. We enjoyed our meal at Mrs. Santos’ home.

Lunch Table