by Mike Aronson

The well is completed, dedicated to the community and the Lord.

Today was a day to recuperate before the journey home. Breakfast at 8:00 but for many this didn’t change the wake up time. Ham & cheese omelet, refried beans, fried plantains. This was followed up by our daily singing and devotions, James 2:14.

Now that this trip is over what will we do next. Will we continue to show our faith through works to others or sit on the sidelines and be a spectator? For us the answer was obvious.

For our day we went into San Salvador for lunch at Pollo Compero, getting us ready to go back to gringo food. After lunch a quick trip to Starbucks, it was here we said good bye to Danilo. Hopefully. We will meet up with him on another drilling trip.

On to the “Market” to look for trinkets to bring home. After an hour of “man” shopping Stanley (our host and drilling expert) took us to a vista point overlooking the city.

We are now back at the hotel waiting for dinner and a few more stories and off to pack and get some rest. Up at 4:00 am to begin the journey home. What an exciting week this has been.