The Work Begins

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by James Meredith

Our Team had a great trip to El Salvador. The local people we have met are very friendly and have made us feel at home.

Team at Beach Table
We arrived on Sunday evening and settled in to our hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean. On Sunday evening, we sat on the porch, looked out over the Pacific Ocean, and discussed our task that lay ahead.

Sunset at Beach
Then the Lord blessed us with an awesome sunset.

Preparing to Drill
We were up early Monday morning for coffee, a devotional and breakfast, and then off to work. We arrived at the job site where several of the local folks were waiting for us. We had an hour or so before things were to start so several of us played frisbee with a couple of the local boys. What fun we had. Those boys had big grins on their faces. Then it was time to work. We made a plan and got down to business.

Lunch at Drill site
We dug a couple of pits for later use, leveled and prepared the rig. We ate lunch down the street at a local residence. The lady there made us a fabulous meal. After lunch we returned to the drill site and got back to work.

We drilled for 2 hours and found a little water before our drilling rig broke down. Stanley, our driller, says we don’t have much further to go tomorrow after we repair the drill rig. We returned to our hotel late and worn out.

The Lord indeed blessed us with a great day.

Lunch at Our Drilling Site

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by Mike Kelley

One of the best things about drilling a water well in a rural village is eating lunch prepared by the people we are serving. When it came time for lunch, Luvi, a member of the Agua Viva El Salvador Staff, set up a hand-washing station for our team. This foot-operated contraption was brilliant.

Luvi washing hands
Mrs. Santos, a lady who lives in the village where we are drilling, hosted our team for lunch. She lives in a mud brick house and cooks over a raised hearth. She was kind enough to show me how to make tortillas.

Making Tortillas
Mrs. Santos’ tortillas were absolutely delicious. I could not help but compliment her and brag on her tortillas.

Mike and Tortillas
As for lunch — well, all I can say it that it was worth waiting for. Absolutely delicious. Our team could not have been happier. We enjoyed our meal at Mrs. Santos’ home.

Lunch Table

The Men of City Gates to El Salvador

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by Mike Kelley

CityGates Leave KBC
Six men of the City Gates men’s group left Kingsland this morning at 6:00 AM bound for La Paz, El Salvador to help bring fresh and clean water and Living Water to a small village of thirsty citizens. During our day of travel we talked about how God might use us in unique ways this week. We prayed we would have eyes and ears to respond to God’s leading. Upon arrival we were greeted by the in-country staff that will be our host for the week. The rest of today was spent sharing with each other as we soaked in the gracious and friendly Central American cultur.

CityGates Arrival in ES

Water for Los Cernas

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by Jim Coleman

Our team handed the water well over to the village of Los Cernas today. The people of this small village have been praying for a water well — a reliable source of clean water — for 11 years! We are so thankful that God chose us to be the answer to their prayers. We had a wonderful time of celebration as we dedicated the water well to God and presented it to the people of Los Cernas. We will never forget the prayers, testimonies, laughter, and fellowship we enjoyed at the dedication ceremony. Thank you for praying for our team and for following our adventure.


A Beautiful Rainbow

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by Jim Coleman

Today we put the well pipe in the ground and flushed water from the well. The sun hit the water spray and delivered a beautiful rainbow. A wonderful reminder of Gods promise.


Drilling Completed Today!

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by Jim Coleman

We drilled to a total depth of 215 feet today. We were able to get to 180 using air drilling and then we had to switch over to mud rotary for the final push. But we did complete drilling today!!  The men from Las Cernas have really helped out … and always with a smile.

The hygiene team taught about flys and the germs they carry. The illustration tool used with the kids is glitter. Once it is out of the bottle the glitter is everywhere — just like germs — until you wash your hands.

Thanks to all who are praying for us. It is very much  appreciated.


In Los Cernas

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by Jim Coleman

Our team traveled from Houston to El Salvador yesterday to drill our 14th water well in Central America in partnership with our friends at Living Water International.


Today we went to the village of Los Cernas. A gathering of community members and school children were awaiting our arrival. It was quite the welcome.

We visited some homes and the nearby school before we began drilling. By 5:30 PM we reached 90 feet. Drilling was bit challenging at first because the ground was very soft and loose and we were afraid  the hole would collapse around us. But God provided yet again and we had a very successful day.

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