by Jason Hall, Team Leader | Aguacayo, El Salvador

We ended our wonderful week in El Salvador by formally dedicating the water well to the school in Aguacayo on Friday, March 1, 2013! There was a sense of excitement when we arrived, among the schoolchildren and among the members of our team. We were all very eager to see the finished well, and were exceedingly grateful to the dedicated staff of LWI El Salvador, who had worked late into Thursday night to make the dedication ceremony possible.

Kids Playing
As we got out of the van, we were treated to the same endearing smiles and laughter that had greeted us each morning throughout the week, and we had a very nice time playing with the children in the school’s main courtyard for a while before the ceremony got started. Eventually, everyone gathered in the school’s “auditorium” and there the children played a variety of party games to earn candy prizes, as well as some of the donated toys and supplies that we had brought with us to El Salvador. Some of the kids seemed a little hesitant at first, but once they saw the prizes, things got very competitive, and a whole lot of fun!

After the games were complete, the multi-talented staff of LWI El Salvador put on a puppet show to entertain the kids, while at the same time reiterating some of the key concepts that had been taught throughout the week by the hygiene team. They were very careful to cover the meaning of differently-colored beads of the “salvation bracelets” that the kids would keep as a tangible reminder of God’s plan for eternal salvation through Jesus Christ.

Near the end of the program, our team starred in a Oscar-worthy portrayal of the story of the Good Samaritan. The Scriptures were read aloud in English and then translated into Spanish. Each member of the team participated, and I must say that our costumes really helped us get into character!

Mary and Kids
This was followed by heart-felt speeches of appreciation from the school’s principal, and from a couple of other parents, each of whom thanked us for coming and for caring about their village. By that point, I was too choked up to speak, so I was very grateful that team member Mary Crenshaw stepped forward to eloquently say the words that I couldn’t — essentially that WE were the ones who had been blessed that week by the people of Aguacayo, and that we had been compelled to serve out of our common love of Jesus Christ.

School Kids
We concluded our time in the village by assembling at the new well on the hill overlooking the school. As everyone gathered around the well for prayer and dedication, the air was filled with joy and laughter as everyone watched the clean, clear water pour out of the spout!

Pump Plaque
On the front of the pump there is a small, simple plaque that reads, “This hand pump is dedicated to the people of this community by Living Water International to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ. A cup of water in Jesus’ name. John 4:10-14.” Our sincere hope is that each and every member of this community will one day experience the “living water” offered by Jesus.

Hand Pump
We are grateful, humbled, and honored to have been the team to drill the well that was funded by Kingsland’s kids. Please continue to pray for the people of Aguacayo, even as they pray for us.

We love you guys!