by Jim Coleman | Team Leader | La Bolsa, Nicaragua

Today we met the people who live in La Bolsa, a community of about 45-50 people. They are all so appreciative of what we are doing for the community. We were also able to see the water source that is currently being used — hand dug wells that are not constructed properly and have bacteria-laden water. We began drilling and were able to get to a depth of 75 feet and were told that wells in this area typically need to be around 100 feet deep to ensure we have a water supply that is not contaminated.

The hygiene team engaged the women and children of the village to emphasize the importance of hand washing. The children are always so open, and seem to quickly erase all barriers. Kim Treas was blowing bubbles, and they were having a blast chasing and popping bubbles. When the barriers with the kids come down, the adults also seem to really open up as well.

There are lots of aches and pains tonight, but we are reminded that when we are weak, He is strong and mighty!

Nicaragua La Bolsa Family