by Jim Coleman | Team Leader | La Bolsa, Nicaragua

Today we completed drilling at a total depth of 106 feet. We also set the PVC pipe in the bore hole and added the gravel pack around the pipe. The hygiene team taught the women and children how to deal with diarrhea without the use of medicine. You utilize a self-prepared liquid known as Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) — basically a mixture of water, salt, and sugar (essentially Gatorade without the flavor).

Nicaragua 1
The “crowd” from the village was noticeably larger today and the people were much more interactive. The children were not as shy and they played easily with kites, Frisbees, and other toys. After we set the PVC pipe in the hole you could begin to read the faces and the community knew that this well was really going to happen. It wasn’t just an idea anymore. Laughter and smiles were in abundance today. What a humbling experience to bring such a blessing.

Nicaragua 2
And the well did happen today. It flowed living water to the surface. The residents in the village saw it and they had new relief and joy on their faces.

We have plenty more work to do tomorrow. God is good.

Nicaragua 3
Thank you Rich Aram, for this video.