by Jim Coleman | Team Leader | La Bolsa, Nicaragua

Today is always the second-most anticipated day on a trip. It is the day when the well is in the ground and water is blown up out of the well using a huge air compressor. It really is an event. Everyone — the kids, the adults, the mission team members and the LWI staff — all have enormous smiles as the water well literally begins to come to life. Everyone is always so excited. The kids had their very own water park for a day.

Getting to that point today was not without its trials. We lost a section of PVC pipe down the well and had to “fish” it out. With the prayers of everyone and the expert talents of the LWI staff, we were overcomers. God answered our prayers and was once again faithful.

The LWI staff has enabled the team from KBC to come serve the village of La Bolsa, Nicaragua. They are the servants allowing us to Go Beyond.


Living Water Nicaragua Staff | Frank, Leo, Chico, and Lisseth