Los Robles, El Salvador

There are some things, like living a lifetime without running water, that we will never fully grasp. No poverty simulation exercise or even experiencing the temporary inconveniences of traveling to places with limited access to water can help us understand the challenges faced by people like Angel and his wife Marta.

Angel and Wife
Angel is 94 years-old and his wife Marta is 82. We met them this morning in the small village of Los Robles. They live in a simple thatched-walled house and lean on each other when they walk. They raised six children and have 30 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. And they have lived a lifetime without running water.

When they heard that we had arrived to drill a water-well close to their home, they sent and asked that we stop by for a visit. When we arrived at their humble little home they embraced us and thanked us. “You are an answer to our prayers,” Angel whispered softly. They understand what a water-well will mean to the village they have called home for a lifetime.

I cannot begin to imagine how difficult life has been for this sweet little couple. As I looked at Marta, I could not help but wonder how many hours she had spent in her 82 years walking to fetch water for her family’s daily needs. Many women and young girls who live in places like Los Robles spend as many as six hours a day fetching water. That adds up to a lot of hours for someone like Marta.

Pastor Marcos at Church
After our visit with Angel and Marta, a man named Marcos, the local pastor, took us to visit other families in the village. Every family welcomed us with open arms and thanked us for coming to their village to drill a water-well. I especially enjoyed meeting the children. The water well that we drill will certainly make life better for them. Looking into their faces I prayed that they will not have to live a lifetime without access to clean water.

Pastor Marcos Daughter
After meeting the local families, we started the work of drilling. By the end of the day we had drilled to a depth of 100-feet and found an abundant source of water. Over the next couple of days we will develop the well, set the pump, and teach the people how to maintain their well. We will officially dedicate the well on Thursday and present it to the village as a gift from the people of Kingsland and Living Water.

We are thankful to be here and especially happy to be regarded as an answer to the prayers of people like Angel and Marta. Although they have lived a lifetime without running water, they are glad that things will be different for their grandkids and great-grandkids. The best part of this day was getting to meet this sweet couple and the people of Los Robles.